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FC Electrical respects your privacy. This privacy policy applies to the personal data of consumers that is collected or use by us or its affiliates. FC Electrical appreciates the interest you have shown in our company, products and services by visiting our website, or related communication channels, including, but not limited to, our social media pages and /or channels and blogs. This privacy notice applies to all the personal data that FC Electrical collects when you interact with FC Electrical , such as when you visit our websites, when you use the products or services offered by FC Electrical , when you purchase FC Electrical products or services, when you subscribe to newsletters and when you interact with FC Electrical as a business customer, supplier or business partner, etc.


  • Feel comfortable using our desktop website.
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  • Contact us with your questions or concerns about privacy on this site.
  • Know that by using our site/interface you are consenting to the collection of certain data.
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